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Ms. Mayfield, a partner at Anderson, Mayfield, Hagan, & Thron, P.A., is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator. She specializes in mediations involving claims for personal injury. Ms. Mayfield does not require scheduling a minimum number of hours for mediation and will not charge the parties a cancellation fee if mediation must be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason. Mediations may be held at the offices of Anderson, Mayfield, Hagan & Thron, PA, where we offer two conference rooms and several rooms for caucus in order to accommodate mediations involving more than two parties. Our offices are also conveniently located near Downtown West Palm Beach, just west of I-95. In the alternative, Ms. Mayfield will conduct mediations remotely upon request, with no charge for travel up to 1 hour each way.

To schedule a mediation, please contact Alicia or Jennifer at 561.688.0098.